New Economics

The old models of economics are breaking down and proving not as relevant in the current political and technological times, and new economic models are coming to the forefront.

Key Considerations

  1. Old Economic Models are usually linear in nature, extractive and only focussed on a single success measure – e.g. revenue, or post tax profits.
  2. New Economic Models are circular in nature, regenerative and consider a wide variety of success measures.
  3. Businesses must plan to diversify their incomes streams and focus on real value creation throughout the customer and product journeys.
  4. There are many new considerations for Founders and companies to consider in relation to new economics, and one of the first questions is “How do you stay in business while you reinvent your business?”

How can we help you in relation to New Economics?

We can help you:

  • Learn about new economic models and how to consider and apply them.
  • We can help you “mastermind” ways to stay in business while moving and leveraging new economic models.
  • We can explore how you can build confidence in new economics from a “science” and results based perspective.
  • We can help you connect with wider stakeholders and business ecosystems in order to create real value and win-win-wins.