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As a business owner we get that it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to working with circularity.

We get that you might not have millions to invest in this process – we are here to say that you don’t need millions .. You need a Road Map and a Blue print and REAL connections that make iterations that MAKE YOU MONEY as you grow into a circular Future.

We work with our unique TREND RADAR to make sure that you are following the up and coming strategies to make it relevant to your customers and attract MORE CUSTOMERS.

What parties and strategies to trust when they seemingly become obsolete over night. We get into everything that is in everything that is in everything so that you can be more sure of your business choices.


We are arguably less sustainable now than we were 3 decades ago, many have been talking about it for decades, a few have created some headway, too many times companies window dress, give lip service or worse deliberately attempt to leverage without doing work of depth and really facing the economic barriers.

Either way we know that it isn’t enough. We know the work and practice that we have to do collectively and individually NOW.. Start to have action in your business with Real Circularity.


”Adopting circular-economy principles could not only benefit Europe environmentally and socially but could also generate a net economic benefit of €1.8 trillion by 2030.” (McKinsey)

More and more businesses are struggling to make things work in our economy. We see this all the time at both the macro business and the micro business setting. Siloed and linear thinking in your business will cost you overall, start now your journey to Real Circularity and future fit your business.

New investment or your stakeholders will be starting to ask you how you are applying Circularity or at the very least ask for your sustainability strategy. It is a high risk for them to invest in a none sustainable business – so start now to work With us and gather your strategy and practice.


Currently Real Circularity is focussed on working with established Businesses mainly in the Fashion space, join a forum or set a Virtual Coffee meeting to discuss your application and options.

Join a Forum if you are interested to get to know us more – or set a Virtual or Real Coffee meet if you want to discuss your options one on one.

  • Consulting Services – Enquire for Bespoke work
  • The Program – a set coaching for you and your teams over 12 months

Consultants / Seed Start ups / Students 

  1. For established consultants looking to start working with the circular and new paradigms, who are looking to upskill or experience Real Collaboration™.
  2. For those new to consulting who are wanting to start their journey with the right tools, approaches and be part of what works.
  3. If you are at the start of a seed idea and a one person brand / business we can also accept you into the Academy
  4. If you are a student and want to deepen your knowledge

We know it’s a big world and properly trained and experienced consultants are needed now more than ever. The opportunity to work with us and collaborate as we grow clients.

  • Academy
  • Certification Course
  • Real Collaboration