Real Circularity Book

Get a read on our work and distinctions. Start to work through with your business, product or professional future in mind as you read. It is a quick read for busy professionals to get aquatinted with our work and to use as a guide.

launched in September 2023, the book was a joy to write and as ever we did this in collaboration.

Now available on POD printed with a dedicated UK printer – and internationally on Amazon.  See the buttons below for ordering options.

Real Circularity Book

Circular Business Starter kit

Together with Pause Stop Reset ‘YearBook’ and Real Circularity – link with us to gather the best Circular business starter kit ready for a Jan business start, plan your year and get Circular…. with added access to our Real Circularity virtual 1 hr forum which we will host to introduce our work to businesses small to larger in the new year.

We use the journal to work on our business and find it to be an asset to our organisation and personal development as entrepreneurs .. So we wanted to showcase and offer our solutions as a package.


Currently Real Circularity is focussed on working with established Businesses mainly in the Fashion space, join a forum or set a Virtual Coffee meeting to discuss your application and options.

Join a Forum if you are interested to get to know us more – or set a Virtual or Real Coffee meet if you want to discuss your options one on one.

  • Consulting Services – Enquire for Bespoke work
  • The Program – a set coaching for you and your teams over 12 months
  • The Forum – an hour if your time to get started and link with us.

Consultants / Seed Start ups / Students 

  1. For established consultants looking to start working with the circular and new paradigms, who are looking to upskill or experience Real Collaboration™.
  2. For those new to consulting who are wanting to start their journey with the right tools, approaches and be part of what works.
  3. If you are at the start of a seed idea and a one person brand / business we can also accept you into the Academy
  4. If you are a student and want to deepen your knowledge

We know it’s a big world and properly trained and experienced consultants are needed now more than ever. The opportunity to work with us and collaborate as we grow clients.

  • Academy
  • Certification Course
  • Real Collaboration